Code Supply Chain: its Not going to fix itself

Article from WSJ today that points out supply chain is becoming an issue of concern for banks, especially as the wider corporate IT infrastructure becomes more diverse and outsourced. Snip:

“Now they may want screenshots of the last time servers were patched, periodic testing of the patching status of those servers and information about the work that Fair Isaac outsources to others. Some financial institutions have even asked for credit scores and drug testing of employees with access to those servers. The company tries to be as transparent as it can while still preserving the privacy of its employees, said Ms. Miller.”

“Some regulators are also considering applying similar standards beyond providers to banking business partners. One Fortune 500 bank, for example, knows that several of its servers have not been patched for a serious bug called Heartbleed. If it patches those servers, though, it will break continuity with several European banks that have not upgraded their systems, said the chief information security officer of the bank, who declined to be name for security reasons. The bank must be able to share data with its overseas partners so disconnecting is not an option.”

More here:

Financial Firms Grapple With Cyber Risk in the Supply Chain, WSJ May 25, 2015